Hướng dẫn đổi mật khẩu User trong WordPress.

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User password user guide in wordpress

The default password is a Epal level through email, password that is too long and insrets, but it is back to its high quality. Quý khách hàng you want to change the password thì làm theo hướng dẫn sau: (Epal does not khuyến khích quý khách Change Password as possible affects bảo mật)

The changes to change user password in wordpress as following:

1.  Đăng entered quản like instructions out mục 1 (Trang quản trị)

2. Sau khi đăng nhập vào Admin, tiếp tục vào mục User > Your Profile ở thanh Dashboard



3.  Purple to  Account Account Management , the New PassWord , and click vào Ganerate Password .

Mật khẩu


4.  Import the new password to the current current the new screen for it display the green color (Strong) , the colors in the symbol is the symbol of the power of the password.


End to be updte (Update) for complete user password in wordpress.

Chú ý: Should set the copy password for the color below the green color to increase your website security. The password is the password must be include the letters, letters, signature and special character.


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